Mission Statement

The mission of the Will-Grundy County Medical Society is to educate and promote the art and science of medicine; to encourage the care and well-being of patients and the public health, and support our members in the care of patients.

Will-Grundy County Medical Society Membership Advantage

What is the benefit of belonging to the Will-Grundy County and Illinois State Medical Societies? First and foremost, your county and state medical societies are at the forefront of issues effecting Illinois physicians. When you join the Will-Grundy County Medical Society you connect with hundreds of physicians throughout the county along with  thousands throughout the state are actively seeking to speak up for the rights of Illinois physicians and their patients. Through the power of a collective voice the medical societies are a dynamic force for Illinois physicians.

Along with belonging to the largest network locally of practicing physicians and retired physicians, WGCMS includes many tangible benefits such as:

(A full description of each benefit appears below.)

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Educational and Networking Opportunities
  • Physician Recommendation and Local Marketing
  • Physician Newsletter
  • Will-Grundy County Medical Management
  • Disability Insurance Member Discount
  • Business Banking Needs through Health Care Associates Credit Union
  • Discounted medical supplies
  • Discounted shredding services

Legislative Advocacy

The Will-Grundy County Medical Society represents the interest of all physicians, regardless of specialty, before state governing bodies concerning laws and policies that involve medical practice and patient issues. WGCMS regularly interacts with state and national law makers to discuss pending legislation and encourages all member physicians to become involved in the legislative process by contacting congressional representatives. Physicians may access updated information on current legislation through the Will-Grundy County Medical Society website www.wgcmsdocs.org or through the Illinois State Medical Society’s website: www.isms.org

Educational and Networking Opportunities

Informative and energizing dinner meetings are planned through the year. These meetings are designed with the busy physician in mind. Each gathering is planned to provide our physician members with an opportunity to dine and network with colleagues as well as be offered a relevant educational presentation to assist them with their ongoing educational credit needs.

Physician Recommendation and Local Marketing

Only physician members are recommended when inquires are received into the WGCMS office. All physicians can be found in our public “Find a Physician” search engine on this website.

Physician Newsletter

The WGCMS newsletter is published and mailed to each physician member four times each year. This newsletter keeps you informed of timely legislative issues, monthly events, educational programs, and services. Members are welcome to send articles to the WGCMS office for publishing consideration regarding practice strategies, announcements, procedures, etc.

Will-Grundy County Medical Management Group

The Will-Grundy County Medical Management Group provides an avenue for practice managers to network and discuss issues that involve office management and practice administration. The Will-Grundy County Medical Management Group is open to all medical managers and key staff. A minimal fee is charged for lunch. Non Members pay more.

Disability Insurance Member Discount

The Will-Grundy County Medical Society is proud to announce a partnership with an agency that has been specializing in Disability Income policies, primarily with physicians, for over 45 years. This coverage will be underwritten through Irwin A. Siegel & Associates, Ltd., with offices in Chicago and Arlington Heights. This agency is offering the members of the Will-Grundy County Medical Society the following benefits:

20% discount for WGCMS members

The policy cannot be cancelled

There are no price increases on the policy

Each policy is tailored to fit a member’s individual needs

If you are in a group practice or hospital groups with more than 3 physicians, they would be able to bring the cost of the female physician down to the rest of the male physicians and there would be an additional discount. This is a huge benefit for female physicians as they are approximately 40% higher to insure for disability than their male counterparts.

Your coverage ¬†will be of the highest quality and the premium will compare favorable to many plans of lesser quality. What’s more, you will receive this coverage at less than similar plans because you are obtaining it as part of our Medical Society. Call WGCMS office for details.

HealthCare Associates Credit Union

A resource for all of your business banking needs. Low cost and no-fee business accounts, below market and flexible term business loans, and business credit cards with fixed rates and Reward Points.

Discounted Medical Supplies

Contact the WGCMS for the latest company to offer discounted medical supplies for members.

Discounted Shredding Services

Contact the WGCMS for the latest company to offer discounted shredding service for members.

Illinois State Medical Society Benefits

How does joining WILL-GRUNDY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY and ILLINOIS STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY serve YOUR PRACTICE and YOUR STAFF and save you time and money? Upon joining WGCMS and ISMS you will have access to:

Medical Legal Resources

Members only access to legal counsel.

Members only free access to online medical library: general office documents available (HIPAA, patient discharge letter, etc.), medical practice and contracting resources (“before you sign”, record retention, etc.) and medical legal guidelines.

Health Policy Research and Member Advocacy

No-pay, slow pay, overpay and payment recall situations

Billing, coding and enrollment processes

Medicare and Medicaid questions

Audit, peer review and quality assurance issues

Member only services to improve the business side of your practice (“before you sign…”, record retention, etc.) and medical legal guidelines

ISMS lobbying team is the leading state health care advocate

Monitor and improve the regulatory processes

Influence legislative and regulatory change

ISMS Benefit Partners


Job Target


CTS Languagelink

CCPA Purchasing Partners

JPB Medical Marketing

Bank of America Practice Solutions

Contact the Illinois State Medical Society for information on these benefit programs ( 1-800-782-4767, ext. 1470)

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